twitch of a finger (onlyiwillremain) wrote,
twitch of a finger

Into The Fade

Fallen AngelWater SpiritTeenage DreamerBlind"I wish I'd see a field below"

Into The Fade, a gallery on Flickr.

I created a gallery on flickr:

Images I feel convey a depiction of life's fleeting spirit, and how precious we are. For the most part, images in this gallery will have a melancholy feel to them, and may have some bite.

Emotional context for me is different than the intent by the artist, no doubt.

I miss so many people. So many precious people. This gallery is a sort of tribute album to those people. I'm using the work of others in a gallery to do that, because sometimes the work of others is a better expression of what a person is thinking than anything they themselves can come up with.


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