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Can We Cross This River? (Latest Image)

Can We Cross This River? (Spring Blonde Wheat Ale)

Braved the forests, braved the stone
It'll take a lot more than words and guns
Braved the icy winds and fire
A whole lot more than riches and muscle
Braved and beat them on my own
The hands of the many must join as one
And together we'll cross the river...

And together we'll cross the river...
And together we'll cross the river...
Puscifer - The Humbling River

This song inspires me in ways I can't articulate, because it reaches into me and changes the composition.

On the day that I took this photo, I was tired, and daydreaming my way through an afternoon. My body was worn-out and hadn't had enough sleep to maintain itself properly. I didn't think I would get a single good shot. I was wrong, as I usually am when I'm in a negative space.

Perspective is a funny thing; I shot I-can't-even-begin-to-explain-how-many-shots-of-this-scene before thinking to get-low. I dropped my Manfrotto all the way to the ground, and achieved this in only a few attempts. That's what a change in perspective can do for you. Always look for another view.

I've really been getting into landscapes lately. Playing with perspective.

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