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Buy your books cheaper! I am AMAZED.

I am somewhat amazed by the price of the books I buy on this site. Most of the books I buy in the marketing field cost $20.00 or more on Amazon, and these guys are selling them for as little as $1.00. Now, they're used books of course, but even for used books, they're significantly cheaper than other sources. Amazon, and other such sites sell most of the books I get for around $7-8 dollars, minimum. I'm going to bookmark this site and buy from them almost exclusively from here on out.

I feel like even more the sucker for buying that membership from Books-A-Million now. Especially since I don't even get wireless internet access at the Clarksville, TN location. Completely suckered, I was, on that one. Ugh...

I am getting fed up with Retail book stores wholesale. Borders charges $4.99 per day for a 'wireless pass' through T-Mobile, and Books-A-Million doesn't offer wireless access at all? Come on! When you add to that the fact that these stores carry state sales tax and higher prices than online stores, there is just absolutely no reason to visit their locations anymore.

I want to start a business and call it 'The Culture Room' or something; offer a book trade out function, wireless access, coffee, life music, etc and just basically supplant the need for a book store. 

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