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Photography and Ignorant People and other things that annoy me.


Please be advised that we are expecting in the “INTERFIT 5-in-1 REFLECTOR ARM KIT” you have on backorder by the end of this month.

B&H Customer Service,

212-239-7765 = 800-221-5743


I'll NEVER order another back-ordered item again. When it comes in, I'll still have the better deal for having ordered this, but good God! I ordered this kit on October 19th! Almost a month and a half!

I've been waiting what seems like forever to get this kit already. When I ordered it and the Rosco gels, I did so to get myself up to speed on lighting portraits, etc. The longer I wait, the more I feel depression kicking in because I'm not moving ahead, I'm standing still.

Depression has been in force lately. Because of money problems, I couldn't get the tablet I wanted; unexpected expenses happened that I wasn't prepared for. I've been working on my budgeting to combat this, but that doesn't stop the sadness now.

I also can't find a cracked copy of Photoshop CS4, which is something I'm itching to try out.

I also can't find a cracked copy of Nik Silver Efex Pro, which is something I'm itching to try out.

It's probably better that I don't have these things, since I don't have a tablet to use with them yet; it would probably only serve to frustrate me further to work with a mouse in these new tools.

The lighting problems are probably my most daunting, troublesome issues. It's something I've been wanting a practical, real world working knowledge and experience in for a long time, but all I've achieved is academic study. It's something you can watch every tutorial in the world on, but unless you have daily practice in, it never 'sticks' right.


Another thing that depresses the shit out of me:

They're so freaking classy, right? Ugh...

Westboro Baptist Church is obviously a fringe, hateful group of people. I've taken photos of them outside Fort Campbell protesting our country's soldiers, condemning them to hell because they represent a country that fights for homosexuals. Rather, they protest proclaiming how awful our soldiers are and praise their deaths because they fight for us.

These people thank God for IEDs. For dead soldiers.

Westburo Babtist Protesting

Westburo Babtist Protesting

These people dually give Christians a bad name, AND free speech a bad taste. I realize that with a right like free speech, you must take the good with the bad, but...

These people should... they...
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