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First of all, I want to say that I am glad this election season is over. I took two days off this week to be able to let go of it, essentially, and clear my head.

I knew Obama would win, I just didn't know by how much: Turns out, it was by a landslide of electoral votes and by the popular vote. This is refreshing on many levels, but for me what makes this victory so sweet is that it happened without a court room's choice, or any other election nightmares. Clean and sweet, by all accounts.

I was very happy with McCain's concession speech; the respect it demanded was commendable. I'm glad he put that message out, although I guess it was expected.

The crowd at McCain's concession speech site, however, basically illustrates the tone I've had such a problem with through this entire race. When McCain asked his supporters to accept the new president-elect, they booed. The anger along the way from this group has been very unsettling, and it's been non-stop; I don't understand it, either. The problem with anger of this type is that it is contagious, and works it's way into all things. It attempted to pollute Obama's campaign over the entire duration of this election, and although it ultimately failed, it created an atmosphere that made this seem like it would go on forever. There is a bitterness in the air, probably because I live in a Red state, that will stay for a long, long time.

I am glad this is over, and pray for acceptance.


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