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Progress needed.

Great Britain works. That's the bottom line. Socialized medicine in a lot of places works, actually. People say things like procedures take forever to have done, long waits, etc; actually talk to someone from Germany, and shut up. Talk to someone in England, and shut up. Talk to someone in France, and shut up. Canada? Yeah, go ahead and talk to someone in Canada, too, and shut up. There are problems in every system, but our current system has more problems than any other. We can do better; that's the bottom line.

If we:

Get rid of the ear marks and silly bill riders;

Remove lobbyists from the system, and work for regulations for our representatives so they will be held accountable for their actions should they become corrupt;

Create an online system for the government that would be public putting the information in bills clearly defined along with all other government activity online, so our government would be able to be held accountable for it's actions, and people could become more actively involved in the process;

Put the majority of our development as a country into being energy independent from the rest of the world embracing nuclear power, geothermal where applicable, and really take advantage of our water resources to generate power;

Bring all our troops home and focus on national defense in the area of border security, missile defense for the coast and all major cities;

Improve airport security, plane security (make it impossible to gain entrance to a cockpit, for example), and security in travel;

Commit to staggered US Navel deployments along the coast line, with upgraded missile systems;

Upgrade our intelligence systems, spy satellites, and integrate all branches of the military to talk to each other;

Go back to a system where our money is backed by something;

Go back to operating with surplus budgets, and working towards paying off our national debt;

Remove tax credits for large corporations involving sending jobs overseas;

Give tax credits to corporations for creating jobs for Unites States citizens;

Remove tax credits for unearned income;

Get to a point where we can have universal health care, modeled after Great Britain's system, specifically.

Another important piece of progress for our nation would be to increase regulation in the financial markets.

If we do these things, we win.
Tags: defense, employement, energy, financial markets, intelligence systems, security, socialized health care. universal health

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