twitch of a finger (onlyiwillremain) wrote,
twitch of a finger

A little over two months until we're finished with this.

McCain ON McCain:

I just watched The RNC Palin Speech in it's entirety.

MY GOD she has an annoying voice. So shrill, so nasal; and that accent? Very yankee doodle.
The way that she pronounces the word chief made me want to vomit.
Her speaking ability is uncomarably
Her son's name is Track. Do I really wany a president (oops, I mean Vice President; sorry, slip) that would name her son TRACK? Why not name him Trigg, or Willow or Bristol or... Wait. She did. GOD what is wrong with this person?
Her senseless rantng about her family was quite annoying, too.

Overall, I guess I have to disagree with every conversative token pundent and say that she seems weak, and that I think Biden will eat her alive in the debate.
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