twitch of a finger (onlyiwillremain) wrote,
twitch of a finger

Is the GOP throwing this election intentionally?

The GOP has picked the worst VP candidate in history. She is undefendable, so they are now saying the media is being unfair by looking into her background at all. They intentionally chose someone that was unknown to limit attacks and chose a woman to reduce the bump Obama got from the DNC convention; the short term of this may have seemed to be a great political strategy at the time, but it appears that the GOP looked into her background, lifestyle and record about as much as anyone else had prior to the announcement.

Now they are realizing the errors of their ways and as more dirt on her surfaces, they will realize exactly how poorly a choice they made.

At least Dan Quayle had served as a United States Senator prior to his selection as V.P. nominee.

Palin has been the governor of a state with less than 650,000 residents for less than two years. Before that she was the mayor of a town with approximately 5400 esidents (Wasilla, AK). ...

Her church is a fringe far-right faction of crazies, apparently, too. What was that about Obama's crazy pastor? huh?

Also, they don't seem to realize that their convention sucked.

Could it be that the GOP is intentionally throwing this election? I keep on top of the daily and monthly activities of both partys, their campaigns, and the media coverage and... The only logical answer I can come up with as to why the Republicans are doing so badly is that they are doing so no purpose. That they've decided to just forfeit, and give up on this to focus on something else...

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