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This weekends goals for the house:

The drywall in the spare room.

The cut in and paint for the living room and small hallway.
Procurement and installation of the mirror for the hallway.

Tint for the outside front facing windows and install window screens for those windows along with the front door.

I have a meeting with Stitch this evening to go over the game plan for these operations and the second phase of the restoration of the Kenwood Estate.

I need to investigate the price of awnings for the front of the house, as well.

The future will bring:

Dishwasher and kitchen/laundry organization system.
Security light floods on back corners of the house and back porch, motion activated porch light in front.
Refinished floors.
Ice-maker hookup for the fridge.
Tile and new counter for kitchen.
Tile for bathroom.
Stacked Washer and dryer.
Replaced staircase, featuring hardwood that's actually decent looking.

HEY do you know how to install ethernet and 1000/gigabit ethernet jacks in a house?

If so, contact me. I REALLY need help.

I also need someone with experience in electricity for various projects coming up.


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