September 8th, 2008

dying open

A D80 SLR (Body Only) will be for sale in 1.5 weeks.

I will be selling my D80 (Body Only) for $670.00 following my vacation. The camera is in FINE condition. Mint, I'd say.

I have taken great care of this camera the entire time that I've had it. I will not be selling any lenses or memory cards with the camera. So, again, BODY ONLY.

Incidentally, it sells on Ebay for for about 670-689 used (mint). If you're local, I'll deliver it to you and you won't have to pay shipping.
Sells new on B&H for $719.95.

This would be an especially good deal for those who already have Nikon Lenses (any F-Mount lens will work, including older manual lenses). Even without an existing Nikon lense collection, it would still be a good deal; a great lens can be had for as little as 109$.

The D80 is in most circles viewed as the best 'amatuer' camera made for the price point. The color representation the sensor provides is amazing, it's resolution is great, and it's more than decent in low light conditions if a proper lens is used.

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