February 20th, 2008

dying open

Preparing for a Spring and Summer of Skate & Paint!

I finally got that Gravity skateboard rack. My boards will now be displayed loud and proud on my wall. I wish I could instantly learn things, like drywall technique...

I'm getting these things too for my boards, as well as a set of hard slide wheels:

  • Kryptonics Classic 76mm Red Wheels, Set of 4

  • Speed Demon Abec7 Oiled Bearings, Set of 8

  • System Speed Washers Black Alloy, Set of 8

I really wish I could find the wheels my Lush Makonga came with. I need to organize all my skating and photography shit soo badly.
I need to find the central nerve for cheap skate shoes. lol.

I got a paintball gun today, too. Throat shots for all.

As soon as the weather holds sane, I'm gonna skate my ass off.